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Public Art Commission

The Arts Commission reviews, evaluates, selects, maintains, and documents all artwork, public art, and public murals within the city. The Commission may advise the City Council and City Manager on the management, execution, installation, or placement of the artwork, public art and public murals and will recommend guidelines for adoption by the City Council for the selection and placement of the artwork giving preference to Oregon artists.

Committee Member Serving Since Term Expires
Maritza Gonzalez 12-2016 6-2019
Suesann Abdelrasul 10-2016 6-2017
Kim Steen 3-2015 6-2018
Amy Ryan 1-2015 6-2017
Beth Melendy 6-2014 6-2017
Lore Christopher 6-2014 6-2019
Jessi Long 8-2015 6-2018